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Olive Green No.8 0.8mm Nylon Knotting Cord

Product Description
We are proud to carry Griffin knotting cords! This company creates high quality, long lasting stringing materials and supplies. Their NylonPower collection is my favorite for it's strength and durability. A needle comes built into every 2 metre section of cord. This makes stringing beads extremely easy. Nylon is the best material to use as it doesn't stretch out the way silk cord does. This means if you tightly knot your mala now, it should stay that way!

This cord is perfect for: knotting malas, making long necklaces, knotting pearls and stringing beaded necklaces that don't need a clasp.

**To tie off the cord at the end of your project, you must use glue to secure the knot! The string is very smooth and doesn't securely tie together without glue. We recommended E6000, which we also sell in our shop and online.! **

You will receive:

1 - Olive Green 0.8mm Two Meter Cords with Needles Attached.

In general you will need one two meter cord per mala.

Mala Making:

To create a 108 bead mala, 1 two metre piece will be long enough to knot a 6mm or 8mm mala. For a 10mm mala sometimes you will have to use two pieces and glue them together. If you are simply stringing beads onto the string and using seed beads in-between as spacer beads (we recommend size 8 seed beads. These mimic the look of a knot without all the work!) then one 2 metre card is more than enough!

*********************Cord Thicknesses, What should I use?*********************

When creating a mala you need to keep in mind the hole sizes of the beads you are using. Wood beads have much larger holes than semi-precious stone beads do. Also if you are using spacer beads some might be too small to fit.

No.8 0.8mm
This cord is perfect for knotting a mala with just semi-precious beads. The knots won't fall through the beads. You can also put size 8/0 seed beads in between your beads as spacers or knot lookalics. Beads that won't fit: most freshwater pearls, seed beads size 10 and lower, some 4mm stones and crystals.

No. 10 0.9mm
This cord is just slightly thicker than the 0.8mm which means its a little bit stronger. Better for malas that you think are going to be heavier or just for over strength to something that's going to be worn a lot. The knots will turn out to be a good size and not too big with 6mm or 8mm beads. You can also put size 8/0 seed beads in between your beads as spacers or knot lookalics. Beads that won't fit: most freshwater pearls, seed beads size 10 and lower, some 4mm stones and crystals. High cut semi-precious beads that have smaller drilled holes.

No. 14 1.00mm
This cord is thicker and better for wood beads. If you find that the knots are falling through your beads trying this thickness might be the answer. It will still work with most standard cut semi-precious beads, but you might find a few beads won't work. That is normal so keep that in mind when you are buying beads to buy a little more than needed just in case. This cord makes a larger knot so it would work best with beads 8mm and up.

DISCLAIMER: All the information above is generalizing! Each bead is cut differently from different suppliers and we are only speaking from experience with our stock. This is a general information sheet to work off of but you might find that a certain cord works better for your project than we recommended. If you have anymore questions about what size to buy kindly contact us. Knotting cords are not returnable if the size doesn't work for your project, this trial and error is part of creating jewellery :)


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