About Us

Please note that this website is under construction*

Hello and welcome to our online store! We are a jewellery supply company based out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. We have been in business for 7 years and love what we do! 

We carry a wide variety of products and very affordable prices. We pride ourselves on quality and wouldn't sell something that we wouldn't buy ourselves!

Our love is for gemstone beads and finding new beautiful collections that are hard to get. 

One thing that we wanted to accomplish is our online store was to have as close to a retail shopping experience as possible. This means that the items we sell per bead in store, we sell per bead online as well! This makes the shopping experience more affordable and makes the rare, higher priced beads more attainable. 

We also love to offer bulk prices for many of our best selling items, as well as a tiered discount system for small business owners.